Frankly…Pizza is nestled behind the Safeway in Kensington. Parking is scarce, but free, if you can grab a spot out front of FP. If not, there is street parking. About a block away, which is where we park, is a public lot (free). The patio is nice and spacious, although it gets loud if it’s packed. Inside can be cozy but you have plenty of space between tables. We went on a Saturday and it was pretty busy. When we arrived to grab a table we had about a 20-25 minute wait but there was quickly a line of people waiting for a table and their wait time varied between 45-60 min. However, the staff handled it very well and they were very efficient in the kitchen. We were seated in 20 minutes and had our drinks and apps shortly afterward. It didn’t take long before our pizzas were on the table.

Porky Marge (top) and Pesto (bottom)

Both of these pizzas were delicious. If I could have fit another pizza in, I would have gone for it. The crust is perfectly crisp and airy, with just enough of a char to add some depth to the rest of the flavors. Their pesto sauce was perfect.

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